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About Us


Pure Logistics was founded on the single principle that knowing the clients as well as they know themselves is the only way to meet their needs and exceed their expectations, period.



Client solutions are custom-developed through collaboration and a thorough understanding of the client, their pain points, and their objectives. Our variable and virtual business model assures that we build lasting relationships founded on trust and results.

“Variable” means the customer only pays for the service they require.  We do not have a service ‘box’ into which the customer must fit.  Each solution is developed by a team of technical resources that specialize in the client’s requirement.  The team is an extension of the client’s business and acts in your best interests. 


Pure is “virtual” because our experienced experts work virtually from remote offices using our integrated, proprietary tools and technology assuring every detail is managed.  With no brick and mortar to fund, our clients get excellent service at competitive cost.


We are able to expand and contract our capacity quickly and inexpensively because we do not operate a traditional employee model.  Our logistics and supply chain project managers are 15+ year veterans in their fields of expertise and they thrive on being the best.

As a non-asset based provider, our client value is a creative solution, seamless information, and flawless execution.  Our reputation is dependent on our integrity and effectiveness, without which, we are just like the rest.  Our clients know we will never lie to them or blame others for the inevitable issues that arise during a project.  We focus on the issue and solution; no excuses!


Establishing the DNA of our culture and guiding principles  


Passionate about faith, family and fairness


Understanding the needs, challenges and requirements of our clients


Responsibility to match experts, resources and market intelligence with effective solutions


Excellence in all we do:
attention to detail, strong operational execution, extraordinary customer service
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