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Supply Chain Solutions


Labor Outsourcing

Reasons to outsource supply chain functions:

  • Not enough supply chain work to justify an employee

  • Current staff does not have the needed expertise

  • Supply chain functions are not core competencies of company

  • Volume increase or decrease causing shift in workload

  • Strategic process or tool development in operation

  • Supply chain technology and tools are not available internally

  • Warehouse Oversight
  • Inventory Planning

  • Master Parts File

  • Min/Max Management

  • Economic Order Calculation

Pure’s solution is a variable cost and variable labor resource for supply chain functions.

  • Forecasting

  • Demand  Planning

  • Inbound Routing

  • Carrier Management

  • Outbound Routing


Supply Chain Research Investigative Process Tool (SCRIPT).

The best medicine for what ails you.

Assessment results identify supply chain improvement areas based on the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) process standards. It benchmarks primary and sub-processes scored against standard and best-in-class processes for…

  • Vision and Strategy

  • Product and Services Management

  • Marketing and Sales

  • Product and Services Delivery

  • Customer Service

  • Human Capital Management

  • Information Technology Management

  • Financial Resource Management

  • Environmental Health Management

  • Knowledge, Improvement, Change

SCRIPT highlights key supply chain process performance improvement opportunities and supply chain process improvement planning and implementation targets, and Pure provides this for our customers.

Supply Chan Assessment


Supports client supply chain strategic direction, provides tactical feedback, and implements process management.

Engagements can be driven by known challenges or identified by a SCRIPT assessment.

  • Process Mapping

  • Metrics Development

  • Strategic Planning

  • Staff Assessment

  • Tool Development with Training

  • Process Improvement

  • Logistic Network Design

  • Capacity Management

Project examples include:

  • Warehouse Process Improvement

  • Demand Planning/Forecasting

  • DRP Tool Development

  • Technology Effectiveness

  • Transportation Spending Analysis

  • Warehouse Layout Optimization

  • Strategic Sourcing

  • Inventory Optimization

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