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Freight management is one of the most proactive strategies that can be applied to FF&E project logistics.  The success of your project is our highest priority and managing the transportation pipeline provides you the best possible control.

Purchase order expediting with freight management is the link between the origin vendor and the destination.  It is the light that shines on your FF&E so nothing is hidden.  While vendor routed freight is common, it relinquishes control and often limits visibility.

Purchase Order Expediting
Less Than Truckload
Small Package/Parcel
Priority Freight Management

Freight management is the tip of the logistics sword.  It ushers FF&E into the logistics pipeline providing proactive control and linking it to warehousing and installation as a holistic, integrated process that leads to opening the building on time.

Pure’s technology integrates whatever services the customer contracts with us and ties everything to the customer’s procurement process.

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